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Basic Data Recovery

Basic Data Recovery Service

Thirty5tech offer Basic Data Recovery for those users who Desktop and or Laptop has failed on them . So how does our Data Recovery Service work ? Well is pretty basic, Let’s say your Desktop or Laptop is no longer turning on . Then no problem . We will remove your hard drive from your dead machine and transfer your Data to another backup device such as CD/DVD Disk , External Hard Drive or Flash Drive .

Now not all Hard Drive are recoverable , Some will require a Recovery Data specialist to retrieve your information of the hard drive itself is damage . The prices ranges from 500.00 USD up to 5000.00 USD all depending on the amount of data that is store on the hard drive itself . Usually that is that is the case, When the hard drive is not detected at all with our tools or your hard drive is making some time of clicking noise .

However, If you Hard Drive is not damage, Then there is a good chance we will be able to recover the data of the hard drive . The times it takes depends on the hard drive data that is located inside . Sometimes may take up to 1 hour up to 48 hours for us to retrieve the information of the hard drive . We usually are successful 75% of the time of recovering your hard drive data if the hard drive is not damage .

Our rate as pretty affordable when the hard drive data has to be recover . We usually will charge about 50.00 for the first 20.GB and additional 2.00 for each GB of data that has to be recover . If you are in need of recovering your data of your hard drive, Then feel free to contact us and we will advice you if we are able to recover your data .


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