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Blank Screen – No Power

Blank Screen - No Power

Are you having issue with your Desktop and or Laptop display or power issue . Then there are a few things that could be wrong with your Laptop and or desktop . Sometimes a Bad Power Supply or a bad Charger might cause the computer not to turn on . Usually to find out if you have a bad power supply or charger is to hit the Power Button on your desktop . If you hear the Fan spinning or see the CDROM LED light up, Then your Desktop power issue is find and might be another issue .

On a Desktop and or Laptop , You might have a damage Video Card which prevents Video signal Data being display to your screen , Another issue could be a new Hardware installation . If you just recently installed a new hardware on your machine , Then most likely is causing the issue and preventing your computer from turning on . There are tons of factors that comes into play when you are having Video Issue and no power at all . If you can’t pin point the cause, Not a problem . Let us help you out in diagnosting the issue and hopefully correcting it without hurting your pockets .



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