LEF or E01 Encase Image File Data Retrieval Service

E01 Encase Image File Format Data Retrieval Service

LEF or E01 Encase Image File Format Data Retrieval is available from Thirty5Tech NYC Computer Repair .

A bit more information about LEF or E01 Encase Image File Format

The Encase image file format is used by EnCase used to store various types of digital evidence e.g.

disk image (physical bitstream of an acquired disk)
volume image
logical files

When the government make a backup image of your hard drive, Usually it will be a LEF or E01 File format . This type of image are usually reserve for government official to preserve data from a hard drive . Usually when the Government Take your Computer Hard Drive and then released it to you , The data are in an bunch of 2GB image files known as Encase . Usually the file extension for this image file are E0 . Thirty5tech NYC Computer Repair has been able to retrieve data from this type of image file and retrieve information for clients that otherwise would have cost thousand of dollars from a professional company that specialize in data recovery .

So if the government has given you a copy of your file in E0 File Format, Then feel free to contact us if you need your data Recover . Usually our price are pretty fair compare to other service out there .

There is a 60.00 Flat rate and Additional 120.00 USD Per 100GB or Less .

Please do understand, The more data that has to be extracted from the encrypted Image file the longer the process will be . Usually a 100 GB EO1 Files image file will take an average of 4 to 6 days to complete .

FBI Virus – Removal in NYC

Have your Been infected by the FBI Virus also known as “Moneypak Ransomware” Virus like the Picture Below ?

FBI Virus Removal Service NYC

Then known need to worried . If you have tried to remove it yourself but was unsuccessful , Then we are here to assist you in removing the nasty Moneypak Ransomware known as FBI Virus from your computer . Not all virus of this class are the same . This file are usually hidden from regular end users . This file could hide anywhere on your computer system file even other partition .

This type of service are included with our Drop-Off and OnSite Technician Services Flat Rate . More information could be found below .

So if you are infected with the FBI Virus and are located in Manhattan then feel free to give us a call . Certain parts of the Bronx we service as well . So don’t let the FBI Virus ruin your computer experience . Call us to help you solved any Computer Virus related issue you might have . Thirty5tech is Located in Upper Manhattan in Washington Heights .


Computer Service Option


Service Flat Fee



OnSite Computer Repair
This Charge is for the Technician to stop by your location and service the computer in question . Parts not Included .





Drop Off at our Location
This service our for those that will like to bring their computer over to our location to be service . Parts are not included .





Remote Desktop Service
This service here are for those users who will like to have a Technician connect to their computer via the internet to service the computer remotely .




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‘Ransomware’ virus locks computer and demands money

ONSITE Computer Repair

ONSITE Computer Repair

NYC Computer Repair – OnSite Computer Repair

Is your Desktop or Laptop having issue at home ? Are you need of a Technician to stop by and help you service your computer and correct the issue ? Then look no further . Thirty5tech ONSITE Computer Repair Technician are here to help you solve any computer issue you might be having . We have been servicing computer since late 2001 and have troubleshoot tons of issue as well as offer advice in troubleshooting your PC in the near future if the issue arise again . If you need a technician to stop by your location to take care of your Computer Problem, Then feel free to contact us and we will do out best to help solved your computer problem and get it back up and running the same day . However, If it turns out that you computer hardware my be faulty , Then be prepared to drop by your location Stables and or BestBuy to pick up the parts that are needed to correct the issue . We will go with you to make sure you pick up the correct parts . When we are servicing your computer, We let you know every process on the way and advice on how to avoid similar issue in the future . Every computer we service , we clean out and optimize your Windows Operating system to make sure all the problems are corrected and no issue is unfix . Sometimes there might be an issue that you may not be aware of, We will find it and let you know about it as well as correct the issue .

There is a Flat Fee of $60.00 for the first computer and $40.00 for each additional computer at the same location . Parts not included . Regardless how long it takes your computer to be repair, You won’t be charge more . So you have a piece of mind knowing that the fee we charge is the only fee you will pay for our service .

We are able to offer this low Flat Rate as there is no middle man . We are not a Company that outsource Jobs to other technician and Charge you a High Fee . All Jobs are done by one of the 2 Technician that has been with us since the start . Computer Repairs usually takes about 1 to 3 hours to complete . So if you decide to have us service your computer , Then Make sure you have a 1 to 3 hours windows open . We do our best to fix the issue as fast as we can .

  • Home Networking Service – Setup File and Printer Sharing, Setup Wireless Security
  • System Protection Service – Virus/Spyware/Adware Removal
  • Maintenance and Cleaning Service – Desktop and Laptop Tune-Ups and Optimize
  • Data Service – Data Recovery if possible , Data Backups, Secure Data Deletion
  • Hardware Support Service – Install and Configure Hard Drives, Memory, CD/DVD Burners, Digital Cameras, Printers, Scanners and all your other device .
  • Software Support Service – Operating System and Software Installation and Upgrades

Virus Removal Service

We are the best when it comes to Virus Removal . We have seen a lot of different kind of Virus and Spyware over the years . We have done all the research we can about Computer Virus and how to eliminate them out of your computer without causing any Data Loss or Windows Re-installation . Now is not an easy job to remove Virus and or Spyware off your computer . Some Virus are extremely hard to remove that sometimes it leave us no choice but to Re-installed Windows . But that rarely happen and we have a success of 95% of removing Virus without any issue . Remember that there is no 100% security protection out there , But having a good AntiVirus and Spyware Protection in your computer will help block 90% of those really nasty Virus. So make sure to have a pretty good one .

So don’t hold back when you are infected with a Virus, We are here to help you and remove the virus to make sure there is no issue what so ever . We will make sure you also have a good AntiVirus and Spyware Protection installed on your Computer with our service .

Thirty5Tech NYC Computer Repair are located on the Washington Heights area and we service all of Manhattan and certain parts of the Bronx .


Additional Service


Service Flat Fee


Computer Repair – Additional 1 PC or Laptop




External Drive Virus Removal




Hard Drive BackUp – Over 10GB



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