Windows 95 Bootdisk

Windows 95b Bootdisk

Are you having issue with your Windows 95b Installation or startup ? Then look no further as Thirty5Tech NYC Computer Repair has available for download Windows 95b BootDisk to repair or setup your computer for Windows 95b . Feel free to download this Boot Disk free of charge below .

Windows 95b Info: The first 32-bit Windows operating system and a major upgrade to Windows 3.1. Introduced in August 1995, it added a completely redesigned user interface featuring the Start menu and Taskbar. The Windows 3.1 interface (Program Manager and File Manager) was also included as an option. Windows 95 became popular very quickly.

Windows 95 improved networking and added long file names and Plug and Play, the latter a welcome relief for users. Memory limitations, plaguing users in Windows 3.1, were greatly diminished. Windows 95 also included preemptive multitasking, which allowed programs to be timeshared together more effectively than in Windows 3.1.

Please note that some of this Bootdisk is in ISO or IMA format, Feel free to download (3) ISO to USB or IMA to Floppy program I have included in this zip file to help you burn this files to a CD-Rom, Floppy Disk or USB Flash Drive .



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