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How to fix Error Code C1900101-20017

Error Code C1900101-20017 when installaing Windows 10

Below you will find a bit information on how to fix Error Code C1900101-20017 when installing/upgrading Windows 10.


Step 1: Navigate to C:WindowsSoftwareDistributionDownload

Step 2: Delete all the files contained in the folder. Also, delete the $Windows.~BT folder located on the root of the system drive.

So, instead of utilizing Microsoft’s own upgrade process, you need to perform a clean install. To do this, download the Windows 10 Install ISO from Microsoft’s official website. Following which, you need to create a bootable installation media using Microsoft’s Media Creation tool.

Once the flash drive is prepared, you need to rectify a couple of settings from the BIOS menu.

Step 1: Reboot your system to bring and as soon as the display starts, repeatedly press the key which triggers the BIOS menu. The F12 or Delete key does the trick in most cases.

Step 2: Disable all overclocking options if you’ve set your processor to a higher clock speed.

Step 3: Enable UEFI Boot from the BIOS. The setting is found in the Boot section for most manufacturer's BIOS.

Now you need to install the OS by booting from the installation media you created earlier and the setup should process smoothly.