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How To Remove Candy Crush Saga From Windows 10

How To Remove Candy Crush Saga From Windows 10

Do you hate Candy Crush pre-install in your Windows 10 Operating System , then you are in luck as we will show some simple step yo could take to remove this game from your Windows 10 Machine fast and safely . Please follow the instruction below carefully .

Step 1: The go-to program to remove Candy Crush is “Windows Powershell.” Type powershell in the search box and a blue Command Prompt-like screen will appear.

Step 2: Type the following command:Get-AppxPackage -Name, copy/paste this command, copy it and in the PowerShell window right-click and select paste.

Step 3: In the results that show up, look for the following: or a bit similar under the ‘PackageFullName’ line. Copy the complete ‘PackageFullName’ for the correct application.

Step 4: Type ‘Remove-AppxPackage’ add space and paste or type the ‘PackageFullName’ that was extracted in step 3. Press Enter for the command to run.

Step 5: Following that, the uninstallation process will be completed. To verify whether the process was successful, repeat step 2. This time the command will result in nothing. This will indicate that your Windows 10 is Candy Crush Saga free.