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Nvidia CES 2023 live: will we see the rumored RTX 4070 Ti?

Below you will find the latest news of Nvidia CES 2023 live: will we see the rumored RTX 4070 Ti?
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Oh more games. Come on! Show us the hardware!

Some more games are shown including Warhaven, which again isn’t that exciting. Mix of Assassin’s Creed and Elden Ring this time.

Nvidia CES Showcase

(Image credit: Nvidia )

Got some exclusive new footage of Witch Fire, an upcoming game that will support DLSS 3. Looks… eh ok. Like a mix of Bloodborne and Doom Eternal.

Now talking about DLSS 3. Fair play, I do think it’s good tech. Now 50 DLSS 3-compatible games either released or about to be released.

That’s a lot less than the 250 DLSS games available right now, but Nvidia assures us that DLSS 3 support is growing faster than any other Nvidia tech.

He’s talking about Ada Lovelace architecture now, which popped up last year with the RTX 4080 and RTX 4090. Jeff says that each GPU comes bundled with a super computer. These are good GPUs, but that might be pushing it a bit…

Jeff talks about 2022 being a difficult year – yep not wrong there. I think he means it was tough for us all, not just Nvidia, however.

Jeff Fisher is on now, and he’s kicking off with ‘gaming’! So that’s good – bring on the GPUs!

OK, it’s just about to start! You can watch along on YouTube.

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