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Virus Threat Name = Ransom:Win32/Cerber

Alert Level severe
Category Ransom
Protection starting from: 1.229.2060.0
Description :

 Windows Defender detects and removes this threat.

This ransomware can stop you from using your PC or accessing your data.

It is a member of the ransomware-as-a-service category of ransomware, and spreads through email, exploit-kits, and other drive-by downloads. As of September, 2016, we have seen this threat use Exploit:HTML/Pangimop (Magnitude) and Rig exploit kits in its campaign in the Asian region (Taiwan and South Korea). We have also seen it distributed in email attachments that contain script-based downloaders, such as those written in javascript (.js), Office VBA (Word documents such as .doc and .rtf), and Windows Scripting File (.wsf). As of October 2016, we have seen Cerber delivered through password-protected email attachments, along with other threats.

Cerber encrypts files using both the RSA and RC4 algorithms, and uses the following encrypted file extensions:

  • .cerber
  • .cerber2
  • .cerber3

It might ask you to pay money (in the form of bitcoins) to a malicious hacker. It can play a text-to-speech or synthesized recording, show a web page, or a plain text document.

Find out ways that malware can get on your PC.  

You can read more on our ransomware page.

A new security threat known as Ransom:Win32/Cerber has been discover by Security Expert . This type of security threat could cause harm to your computer if you do not have a good antivirus installed on your computer . . A good Antivirus Software will prevent Ransom:Win32/Cerber from being installed and running on your computer . So make sure you have a good AntiVirus Software installed on your Computer to avoid this new virus or any other virus and or spyware from being installed . Even though computer virus and or spyware are sometimes pretty easy to remove, but some nasty virus tend to break your whole operating system down, causing lose of user data . So be safe and have a antivirus installed on your computer, remember they are plenty of free good security software available to help you clean and or prevent Ransom:Win32/Cerber from damaging your Windows Operating System . Feel free to visit out computer repair video section to find videos on Computer Virus Documentary which of course you could watch for free :) .

Such as

  • Computer Running Slow .
  • Programs Failing to Open especially all .exe file .
  • Not able to connect to the Internet .
  • Fake Virus Scanner that wont close
  • Browser Redirect
  • Fake or Unknown Search Engine
  • Toolbars on Browser

This computer virus known as Ransom:Win32/Cerber tends to cause computer to slow down during startup , also may this computer trojan Ransom:Win32/Cerber could also cause network issue such as Slow Internet Connection, Browser Redirect and other bad network behavior . A good up to date antivirus and spyware security software should keep your computer running smooth and free of errors from Ransom:Win32/Cerber a nasty adware computer virus .

Computer system that are effected by Ransom:Win32/Cerber are Windows Operating system , If you are running any Windows version including Windows XP which is not supported anymore, then you might be a higher risk of getting infected with Ransom:Win32/Cerber . So if you are running Windows XP you will need to upgrade to atleast Windows 7 to keep your computer from getting infected and or damage by this computer worm .

What is Ransom:Win32/Cerber ?

this a exe file that tends to infect computer running Microsoft Windows Operating System . Having your Windows OS and Security up to date should keep you from getting infected from this nasty trojan .

How to remove Ransom:Win32/Cerber?

To remove this nasty infected program from your computer, you will need to make sure you have a good antivirus and security software installed on your computer, You will need to restart your computer in safe mode by pressing the F8 button when you first turn on your computer and then clicking on Safe Mode to enter that setting . From there you will be able to use any of the following security software below to remove Ransom:Win32/Cerber from your compromise computer . ( Click here to learn how to enter safe mode )

Do you offer Computer Virus Removal service for Ransom:Win32/Cerber ?

Yes we do offer affordable flat rate computer removal service , we offer onsite home computer repair or we could connect to your computer remotely to solved your computer issue you might being experiencing do to this computer Trojan virus.

Which security software it’s good to remove Ransom:Win32/Cerber from an infected computer ?

It’s kind of hard to tell as there are thousand of computer security software out there, However, none could claim 100 percent protection .. So if any security software out there claim they could remove the virus 100 percent of the time, be careful as this are usually gimmicks to sell their computer security software . If you will like to remove Ransom:Win32/Cerber from your computer, Then below are a few security software we have used and countless other people to help clean their computer from nasty worms, adware, spyware , Trojan and virus .


is a free removal tool for adware, spyware , PUP , toolbars, hijackers and some virus.


Spybot Search & Destroy

Malware Removal Tool removes Malware, Spyware, Rootkits, Adware



Malware Remover. Malware, Spyware, Rootkits, Adware, Worms, Parasites


Panda Antivirus

provides the easiest-to-use and most intuitive protection for your computer. Install it and forget about viruses, spyware, root-kits, hackers and online fraud.


Avast Antivirus

offers an antivirus and anti-malware protection, along with features you’re most likely to need to fix security threats


So please be careful when opening any email attachment or clicking on banners on tine internet . Most computer virus including Ransom:Win32/Cerber comes from email or files downloaded from the internet . As a good practice , always run a disk clean up and a security scan atleast a few times a week , Best if able to run it everyday as it will help keep your computer run smooth and error free . Thanks once again for checking out this Computer Virus alerts for Ransom:Win32/Cerber and other virus being discover by security research from Hi Tech Security Research Firms .

Manufactured by: Unknown Programmer
Model: W32

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