Computer Chronicles – Security and Viruses

Thirty5Tech NYC Computer Repair brings you an interesting video about Security & Virus , Thanks for the people over at Computer Chronicle for this interesting Computer Virus video . Feel free to watch it below , All videos here are free of charge and is for educational purpose . So take a sit and enjoy this 22 minute video about computer virus and how people are working hard to protect your computer from nasty computer virus .

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Computer Chronicles - Security and Viruses is available to view above , Just the thought of a possible computer virus is enough to chill any computer user. Meet the people at the front lines in the war against the malicious computer virus. This video talks about computer virus back in the early 200 's . This video is best for those that don't understand computer virus and will like to learn more about how it started and how professional computer specialist are working hard to protect people like you and corporate from deadly computer virus and security breach in the information technology highway .

Year Produce: 2001
Lengh: 27:20

The Computer Chronicles – Computer Viruses

Thirty5Tech NYC Computer Repair brings you a pretty cool and interesting video about Computer Virus from back in the late 1980's , This video will talk about the threat of virus especially those that were release in the early and late 80's , Feel free to watch this video below free of charge, This video is about 29 minutes long . So enjoy this programing brought to you by Computer Chronicle .

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The Computer Chronicles - Computer Virus from 1989. Some viruses discussed include the Morris Worm, Jerusalem, and a few Macintosh viruses, like Scores. Also examined are a number of antivirus products from the time, and their effectiveness as well as their approaches towards stopping the growing virus menace. They also test a DOS virus on camera. It’s like looking at my channel 20 years ago. I figured some of you might enjoy looking back at the history of the antivirus industry, as well as thoughts and opinions from affected users when viruses were still a brand new threat.

Year Produce: 1989
Lengh: 29:19