Computer not turning on ?

Computer not turning on ?

Computer not turning/powering on ?

Follow this steps below to troubleshoot and see if it’s possible to get your computer system to power / turn back on to normal operation.

( STEP 1 ) Testing your Power Source

Follow this steps below to troubleshoot and see if it’s possible to get your computer system to power / turn back on to normal operation by Testing your Power Source .  The steps below could be use on the following computer type.

  • Server
  • Desktop
  • Laptops
  • Tablet
  • All in One PC

Steps to Perform

There are times our Power Outlet may go bad, this will cause the computer not to turn on. To rule this out as the issue, all we have to do is unplug it and connected to another power outlet we know it’s working or plug something into that power outlet to see if any electricity it’s flowing through. This will confirm the outlet it’s working and putting out electricity needed to power on the computer system. Before you plug your computer back to it’s power source, Press and hold the power button for about 15-20 seconds then plug your computer system back to it’s power outlet.  Now try to turn the computer on. If the computer does not turn on, then move to step 2. However, if your computer does turn on, then the outlet you had it connected before it’s most likely defected.

Check Power Outlet

( STEP 2 ) Testing Computer Power Cables

Follow this steps below to troubleshoot and see if it’s possible to get your computer system to power / turn back on to normal operation by Testing Computer Power Cables .  The steps below could be use on the following computer type.

  • Server
  • Desktop
  • All in One PC


Steps to Perform

There are time that are power cable and or chargers will fail for whatever reason. In this step we are going to find out if the power cable from our PC or Charger are the cause of the computer not powering on. This step usually will require you to have a spare Power cable and or charger. I’ve seen some PC Power cable in the 99 cents store if any in your area. cables are pretty cheap at local computer shop and might have them for about 5.00USD. Don’t have a spare one, If this a desktop, then most likely your computer screen will be using the same type of cable, Try to take  a look and if it does, swap it to test on your  desktop and or charger if it uses the same one .

For PC and Server as well some laptop using regular PC Power cable as show on the picture, you could perform the following step, with the spare cable try swamping it and see if it works ? If your computer system does powers on, then your problem it’s the Original power cord and will need to be replace . As for Laptops users , usually a charger will have detachable power cord, maybe different then a PC , this are pretty standard cable and most Cable Box, Cable Modems as well other electronic device may use the same power cord, Try swamping with those and see if it works on your charger, Make sure to look on the charger itself , there is a small led light that will light up when there is electricity going through it. If you do see a small light that should be turn on but it’s not, then your charger may be damage and will have to be replace. however if it does not have a light at all , then your next step will be to use a Volt Meter (For Technical People) to see if your charger it producing any power to your laptop and or tablet.  Volt reading should be around 15volts to 21 volts. If getting no volts reading at all from your charger, then your charger it’s damage. If your charger it’s working and or PC power cable it’s working, then move to step 3 to continue troubleshooting your computer power issue.

Check your PC Power Cable and or Laptop / Tablet Charging Cables

( STEP 3 ) – Checking Power Supply PSU

Follow this steps below to troubleshoot and see if it’s possible to get your computer system to power / turn back on to normal operation by the Power Supply (PSU) .  The steps below could be use on the following computer type.

  • Server
  • Desktop
  • Laptop
  • All in One PC

Steps to Perform

On this section will be testing the Computer Power supply as well a few extra steps on the Laptop charger to see if it’s functioning correctly as it should be. Power supply on computer tends to breakdown, this could be do to  power supply over heating , not having enough power or blown out for whatever reason. Before we continue, we want to make sure the switch on the Power Supply it’s turn on ( See Picture ), Some some computers power supply have a switch in the back to turn off the computer when power button it’s not working . Make sure its turn on , if it was off, then hit the power button to see if your computer turns on, if it does not turn on, then continue reading. However if your computer turns on after switching the switch on but nothing display, then this is a different issue. May want to check our section on how to troubleshoot fix blank screen .

Laptops users, Some chargers have a LED Light on them to indicate it’s receiving power as I mention in my earlier step, if it does have a LED light and it’s on then continue reading, However, if it does have one but it’s not lit up, Then your charger may be defective and will need to be replace. If your charger  does not have a LED indicator on it but it’s working fine, Then plug into your laptop, As with any laptop, when you plug the power charger to it, a LED light should light up on the laptop itself. Picture below for reference .

Power Laptop Indicator

If your laptops power LED lights up, but nothing happen when powering on, then your laptop power button most likely will have to be replace. Have a Technician take a look at it to confirm.

For Technical users. or if you are up for the challenge. This next step will require opening your computer case to expose the power supply cables which we are going to run a test on. Make sure to unplug the power cable from power supply.  As you could see on the picture , we are going to have to get our hand on the 20/24 pin cable which should be plug into the motherboard .

Once we have the cable in question in hand, will try to make a connection with 2 wires, if you look closely into the wires, you will see a few colors, there are 2 we are going to focus on for this test, A black one, which ever one it’s available and the green you see towards your right . We want to find a way to connect this 2 wires together. You could view a quick video about this procedure which should be displaying . Once we have those cable making contact , we are going to plug the power cable into the PSU and see if it turns on, If the power supply turns on, Then continue the next step. If it does not turn on, then you have a damage power which will need to be replace.



Check your Power Supply PSU


Follow this steps below to troubleshoot and see if it’s possible to get your computer system to power / turn back on to normal operation by testing the computer power button .  The steps below could be use on the following computer type.

  • Server
  • Desktop
  • All in One PC

Steps to Perform

On this last final step on troubleshooting computer power on issue. For Technical users or the ones who are brave to try it :) We are going to perform one more test and this one will require opening the computer case once again and going back inside.

We are going to try to locate the motherboard power switch connection pin, now 90 percent of the computer out there have this switch, the others have a different kind of connection such as thin film ribbons which will required a technician to perform the test. If you look at the picture , you will see the pins and or wire will be looking for. The one will are looking for it’s label Power SW , Pwr SW or similar  , this connection it’s what connect your power button to your motherboard to turn it on. Now we are going to remove that Power SW cable from the motherboard exposing both pins that we need .

All we have to do now it’s find a way to make those 2 pins touch briefly to power on your PC . As you could see in the picture, there is a guy using a screwdriver to make a connection with both those pins. If doing this turns your computer on, Then your issue it’s with your power button and might want to replace it, if it does not turn on, then this means you have a bad motherboard :(

Checking your Power button Connection

Computer not powering on videos.

Below you will find a few videos regarding computer not turning on and how to troubleshoot them. Feel free to view the video below or visit our video section for how to repair computer that does not turn on .

Top Worst Computer Viruses in History

Below you will find some of the Top Computer Virus released to the internet since the start of the internet , Feel free to read a list of the most dangerous computer ever to be released to the internet over the years .

1998 - The Morris Worm Virus - In 1988 Robert Morris , a University student released a worm which affected 10 percent of all computer connected to the internet.

1999 - Melissa Virus - Melissa was spread via file to a usernet group called and the file contained passwords for 80 pornographic websites.

2000 - I Love You Virus - The I love you virus spread when it was downloaded as an email attachment . it then started copying itseld several times and hiding in folders on the hard drive.

2001 - Anna Kournikova Virus - Jan de Wit created a virus that tricked the reipient into opening a message that strongly suggested they would be privy to a glimpse of Russia Tennis Star Anna Kournikova's curves.

2001 - Nimda Virus - Nimda is a file infecting computer worm. It quickly spread, surpassing the economic damage caused by previous outbreaks such as Code Red. Nimda utilized several types of propagation techniques and this caused it to become the Internet’s most widespread virus/worm within 22 minutes.

2003 - Slammer Virus - It caused about 10 billions worth of damage rapidly infecting networks around the world .

2004 - MyDoom Virus - It was spread through an email attachment which usually had an innocuos title such as Mail Delivery System or Mail Transaction Failed.

2004 - Sasser Virus - Sasser is a computer worm that affects computers running vulnerable versions of the Microsoft operating systems Windows XP and Windows 2000. Sasser spreads by exploiting the system through a vulnerable network port. Thus it is particularly virulent in that it can spread without user intervention, but it is also easily stopped by a properly configured firewall or by downloading system updates from Windows Update.

2006 - Leap_A Virus - It proved that Apple Computer is not safe after all .

2007 - Storm Trojan Virus - Through an email attachment ir inundated thousands of computers creating a huge global network of computers enslaved.

2008 - Conficker Virus - It caused chaos and panic and Microsoft created a high profile industry group to counter the virus attack.

2010 - Stuxnet Virus - The first virus to specifically target critical National infrastructure.

2013 - Cryptolocker Virus - CryptoLocker is a ransomware trojan which targeted computers running Microsoft Windows,[1] believed to have first been posted to the Internet on 5 September 2013. CryptoLocker propagated via infected email attachments, and via an existing botnet; when activated, the malware encrypts certain types of files stored on local and mounted network drives using RSA public-key cryptography, with the private key stored only on the malware's control servers.

New computer virus named Goner spreading fast

Computer Virus Goner

This is the latest Computer Virus threat to have cause havoc in countries around the world , If you wondering why your email has been a bit slow in receiving or sending out email, then you might want to read this article below about a new virus called Goner causing issue around the globe .

A powerful new computer virus was today causing havoc with e-mail systems across the world.

Experts described the virus, called Goner, as one of the fastest-spreading they had yet seen and warned computer users to immediately delete it if they received it.

Alex Shipp, spokesman for anti-virus service MessageLabs, said: “It’s spreading with tremendous speed and thousands of users in Britain have already been sent it.

“The virus mass mails itself out through e-mail and attempts to destroy anti-virus software on computers, which could prove extremely problematic for those unfortunate enough to receive it.”

The infected e-mail has the word “Hi” as its subject and body text which reads “When I saw this screen saver, I immediately thought about you. I am in a harry (sic), I promise you will love it.” Its attachment is labelled “gone.scr.”

It was first detected this morning in the US but experts believe it was created in Europe.

Feel free to read more about this article from the source located here

Bogus emails offering Windows 10

Important Notice

Computer News : The scam, which was discovered by Cisco's security team, sends users an email that appears to come from Microsoft. It asks users to download a file to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. But if you install the file, it actually puts something called ransomware on your computer. Look below for how the scam looks

Beware of Bogus emails offering Windows 10

A few users have reported receiving Windows 10 free upgrade email from unknown sources directing them to download Windows 10 for free from certain site and not from the official Microsoft website . Below is a few information posted in news outlets regarding Bogus emails offering Windows 10 that people have been getting in their inbox . From Pix11: Security researchers are warning about a wave of bogus spam emails with malicious attachments, labeled as if they’re legitimate copies of the new program. The attachments contain a “ransomware” program that, when opened, locks all the data on a computer and demands payment to release them. Researchers at Cisco Systems say the emails are designed to look like an official upgrade notice from Microsoft Corp., but several words have random, out-of-place letters and punctuation. Another important clue: Microsoft says its update mechanism provides computer owners with a notice on their screens — not via email — when a direct Internet download is available. Experts warn against clicking on files that come with unsolicited emails.

How to Protect yourself.

Microsoft is not upgrading computers to Windows 10 through email. If you get an email like this, then it's a scam. Period. Delete the email immediately. Windows 7 and Windows 8 users can upgrade to Windows 10 for free. As of June 29, Microsoft started sending notifications directly to the desktops of these users. It looks like this on Windows 7 , 8 and 8.1:

Windows 7 to Windows 10 Upgrade Notification

The Creation of the Computer – Modern Marvels

Thanks for visiting Thirty5tech NYC Computer Repair video section , here in this video known as The Creation of the Computer - Modern Marvels release by the History Channel will give you an inside view on how computers were created back then when this programming was done back in 1996 , Even though this video is old, the information in this short documentary will talk about the creating of personal computers from the 90's , 80s , 70s, . Feel free to enjoy this video for your viewing . This video is about a good 30 minutes ,

Video Information

Modern Marvels® presents a fascinating exploration into the history of the computer. See Charles Babbage's Victorian "counting machine," a mechanical computer that produced perfect results for any mathematical problem of six figures or less, and discover how IBM was launched through a punch-card counting machine built to accelerate the 1890 census. Trace the technological advancements that led to the first modern computers and witness the rapid progress that allowed them to shrink from room-sized monsters to the desktop units that revolutionized life in the '90s.

Year Produce: 1996
Lengh: 48:07

Computer Chronicles – Security and Viruses

Thirty5Tech NYC Computer Repair brings you an interesting video about Security & Virus , Thanks for the people over at Computer Chronicle for this interesting Computer Virus video . Feel free to watch it below , All videos here are free of charge and is for educational purpose . So take a sit and enjoy this 22 minute video about computer virus and how people are working hard to protect your computer from nasty computer virus .

Video Information

Computer Chronicles - Security and Viruses is available to view above , Just the thought of a possible computer virus is enough to chill any computer user. Meet the people at the front lines in the war against the malicious computer virus. This video talks about computer virus back in the early 200 's . This video is best for those that don't understand computer virus and will like to learn more about how it started and how professional computer specialist are working hard to protect people like you and corporate from deadly computer virus and security breach in the information technology highway .

Year Produce: 2001
Lengh: 27:20

The Computer Chronicles – Computer Viruses

Thirty5Tech NYC Computer Repair brings you a pretty cool and interesting video about Computer Virus from back in the late 1980's , This video will talk about the threat of virus especially those that were release in the early and late 80's , Feel free to watch this video below free of charge, This video is about 29 minutes long . So enjoy this programing brought to you by Computer Chronicle .

Video Information

The Computer Chronicles - Computer Virus from 1989. Some viruses discussed include the Morris Worm, Jerusalem, and a few Macintosh viruses, like Scores. Also examined are a number of antivirus products from the time, and their effectiveness as well as their approaches towards stopping the growing virus menace. They also test a DOS virus on camera. It’s like looking at my channel 20 years ago. I figured some of you might enjoy looking back at the history of the antivirus industry, as well as thoughts and opinions from affected users when viruses were still a brand new threat.

Year Produce: 1989
Lengh: 29:19

Computer Virus Removal

Infected with a Computer Virus ?

Then no need to worried as Thirty5Tech NYC Computer Repair is here to help you remove all type of Computer Virus from Laptops , Tablets and Desktop . We know how important it is to have your computer removing smooth error free, But there are times that we get hit with a nasty variety of Virus such as Spyware , Adware, Ransomware or even Computer Virus , This type of virus could sometimes be remove with Antivirus and Spyware Removal software , But there are times, that not even this Removal software could remove it completely. This is where we come in , We go straight to the source of the Virus, We remove it manually , Clean registry that has been infected as well files that are left dormant by the computer virus itself . We are familiar with 90 percent of Computer Virus out there on the web , For more info about our Computer Virus Removal service, feel free to use the Contact Information location on top of this page menu section .
Computer Virus Removal
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Product description: Computer Virus Removal for all type of Computer Virus from Laptops , Tablets and Desktop . We know how important it is to have your computer removing smooth error free, But there are times that we get hit with a nasty variety of Virus such as Spyware , Adware, Ransomware or even Computer Virus ,
If you reading this then you may think your computer or tablet has a virus like slow performance, unable to launch programs, web browser redirect , pop ups. , usually the only way to know your computer is infected with some type of Spyware, Virus , Adware or Ransomware is to run a full diagnostic of all process running and installed programs . We can get your computer up and running again by removing viruses and spyware and in some cases ransomware . Please Note : The best course of action you could take is to have the infected computer virus removed as soon as possible. Leaving it unattended could lead to slower computer performance, data security issues and, in rarely occasion some , data loss such as your documents , pictures , videos, audios . but don't worry. as we are here to help you remove it and hopefully keep your data safe , by offering affordable Computer Virus Removal service.
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Home Computer Repair

Thirty5Tech NYC  Home Computer Repair

NYC Home Computer Repair Service

Computers, the essential part of life now, should always be up to date and functional because we need them every time. Computer repairing, upgrading, device repairing can be needed any time by computer users. Different companies provide services of computer repairing and upgrading and they are doing well in their job. Virus attack is a major problem of computers which can corrupt your files and whole computer leaving you in distress because your computers and its files are really important for you. So, the computer repairing companies also provide virus removal services and they use different specially designed software to remove virus and corrupted entities. Thirty5Tech NYC computer Repair Company is working to improve the quality of repairing and enhancing the trust of customers so that they do not avoid to repair their computer and can caught the problem within time.


Computer is a very powerful as well as sensitive machine which can be corrupted only due to a single mistake. The hardware of computer needs to be change or modify single in a month. CPU, which is the basic part of a computer because, it is the main part where all the processing is done and then we can take some output. The CPU of computer should be repaired on time therefore our company offers the best services for your computer. Thirty5Tech NYC computer repair is offering the best services for remote Desktop, Home Computer Repair, Computer virus removal and Windows Bios Password removal.


Computer repair includes desktop computer repair, laptop repair, computer hardware repair and notebook computer repair etc. All these services are provided on very suitable rates. Your computer is important so we also provide the precautions which you should take while using a computer so that you don’t have to visit computer shop again and again. Hardware problems are the basic problems which a computer faces i.e. mother board errors, monitor problems, etc. Sometimes, hardware problems also arise due to virus attacks but there may also be some power problems. Computers face hardware problems also due to energy and power fluctuations. We offer the computer repair for all types of computer damage.

Some Computer Services we Offer

•General Computer Troubleshooting and Repair
•Laptop Repair
•Desktop Repair
•Virus/Malware/Spyware Removal
•Software Installation / Error Resolution
•System Optimization
•Operating System / Device Drivers Installation
•System Cleaning and Tune Ups
•Preventative Maintenance
•Email Client Configuration
•Internet Setup

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Through Remote desktop service

, we connect your computer remotely through internet and check it if you currently do not have a technician to deal with it. This service is provided only in $60 and you don’t need to wait much. Home computer repair services are also provided; you just need to contact us. We will reach you in a very short time because we are committed to provide best services for our customers. Your computer need attention when it has some problem, otherwise it will charge you much more. A repair is better than to buy a new one because new on charges more but repair charges less and return the original product.


Virus removal service is also provided by Thirty5Tech NYC computer repair because virus removal is essential when there is a virus attack on computer. Virus is a very dangerous thing for living and non living things because it is very harmful and invisible, We cannot see the virus and therefore we are unaware of virus attacks until we meet some loss. There are some computer’s viruses which can damage your whole computer and you think that your computer is of no use now. There are different families of viruses which can ruin your computer in different ways. Important question is “from where these viruses come”. The answer of this question is still incomplete; there are different ways of virus transfer and virus attack. Sometimes, the antivirus manufacturing companies manufacture viruses and release them first and then offer their anti-virus program. We have no concern with those anti-virus manufacturing companies but we can protect your computer from viruses. We offer the best services for Virus removal and we can also give you some tips which you can apply to protect your computer.


Thirty5Tech NYC offers the best services in computer repair

and our specificity is that we offer all service on very low rates. We are very careful towards timing so we do not waste your time and provide the repair within a short time. We can understand the importance of computer for your work and business; therefore we try to complete repair and other services within a short time.
We also provide services for the following:

  • Toshiba Computer Repair
  • Dell Computer Repair
  • Lenovo Computer Repair
  • IBM Computer Repair
  • Samsung Computer Repair
  • HP Computer Repair
  • Compaq Computer Repair
  • Sony Vaio Computer Repair
  • Gateway Computer Repair
  • eMachine Computer Repair
  • Acer Computer Repair

Above all are the main repair services but we also offer repair for some other devices and brands.

PC support services are the main services we provide.

All these services are provided on very suitable rates because we care for our customers. Everything we offer is of high quality and best function. You can rely on our name Thirty5Tech NYC because we are committed to quality and punctuality. You can contact us for any PC service at 347-767-5918. We are always here to help you, and you can find us in Washington Heights on Upper Manhattan. Our services are 24/7 even on holiday. Actually, we have no holidays and we are always here for your PC support. Feel free to contact us but sorry for one thing, that we do not offer services for Mac and Apple.

Business Hours

So what does my NYC Home Computer Repair Flat Rate includes?

Well is pretty simple, our flat rate will cover the cost of Me or one of my other technician to head out to your Home located in Manhattan or in the Bronx . Our technician will service your computer and get it back and up and running . However, if there are parts that are needed, Then it will be up to the Customer / End user to head over to their local BestBuy or Staples to purchase the hardware needed to correct the issue . These are a few of the stuff you could get in those places such as Power Supply , Video Cards, Ethernet Cards, Wireless Cards , Mouse, Keyboards , Webcam , Hard Drives as well CD/DVD Roms or if you prefer a Blue-Ray Player Roms. Most of this parts are in stocks, so is easier to retrieve , However, There are times that parts will need to be order online such as Processors , motherboards , desktop case , laptop case , LCD replacement , laptop keyboard as well a few other stuff, usually , takes about 6-9 days for the parts to arrive via postal .
Thirty5Tech NYC Computer Repair
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