Download Official Win7 , Win8 , Win8.1 and Win10

Download Windows 7 , Widnows 8 , Windows 10 ISO for free

Download the Official Windows Operating System from Microsoft

below you will find a bit information on how to download Download the Official Windows Operating System from Microsoft website for free with a bit of a hack , This information here is a bit advance, So will do my best to try and post the information as users friendly I can .

Step (1)

Open the Microsoft Tech Bench website in a browser of choice that supports Developer Tools, and here the console (e.g. Firefox or Chrome).

Step (2)

Copy all the content inside the code box below . If you are having a hard time, Feel free to download a notepad version here . var _0x5c09=["product-edition","getElementById","innerHTML","","backgroundColor","style","blue","color","yellow","fontFamily","consolas","submit-product-edition","Confirm (Thirty5Tech)","go to or or :D","log"],_0x1d62=[_0x5c09[0],_0x5c09[1],_0x5c09[2],_0x5c09[3],_0x5c09[4],_0x5c09[5],_0x5c09[6],_0x5c09[7],_0x5c09[8],_0x5c09[9],_0x5c09[10],_0x5c09[11],_0x5c09[12]],edititonbox=document[_0x1d62[1]](_0x1d62[0]);edititonbox[_0x1d62[2]]=_0x1d62[3],edititonbox[_0x1d62[5]][_0x1d62[4]]=_0x1d62[6],edititonbox[_0x1d62[5]][_0x1d62[7]]=_0x1d62[8],edititonbox[_0x1d62[5]][_0x1d62[9]]=_0x1d62[10],document[_0x1d62[1]](_0x1d62[11])[_0x1d62[2]]=_0x1d62[12],console[_0x5c09[14]](_0x5c09[13]);

Step (3)

Next we arew going to Open our browser developer console section feature on Firefox , Edge , Internet Explorer or Google Chrome which ever browser you like to use .

To Open the Develper Console Section on your browser , Follow this instruction

For Firefox: Ctrl-Shift-K

For Chrome: Ctrl-Shift-J

Fore Internet Explorer: Press F12

For Edge: Press F12

Step (4)

This should be the final step , Paste all of the code you copy below to the console and hit enter.To do that look at the picture below.Click inside the console area and use Ctrl-V to paste it. Alternatively, right-click with the mouse in the area and select paste from the menu.
 console browser section

Final Results

after you click on enter, scroll down the page and you'll be able to download any Windows version and Language . Look at the image below for the outcome of the last step . (Please note you need a valid Windows serial / Product key to activate this Windows OS)
Thirty5tech Final Outcome

Official Windows 7 Games on Window 10

Install Windows 7 Games into Windows 10

Install the Official Windows 7 Games on your Windows 10 OS

Do you miss those lovely small official Windows games that came install in previous Windows ? Are you missing those built in Classic Windows game ? then you are in luck as we have found an installer that will bring all those favorite Windows 7 built in games for Windows 10 . Now you could play Chess, Free Cell , Hearts , Solitaire and such much more . Feel free to download the installer below from our download section , The instruction is pretty easy , just double click on the Win7GamesForWin10-Setup.exe file you have downloaded from our website to start the installation .

Product Info

Installer Manufactured by: Setup Model: 1.00 Product ID: 0010 4.6 based on 58468 reviews 0.00New

Download Windows 7 Game to Windows 10 Installer

Feel free to download Windows 7 Game to Windows 10 Installer from our download section which could be found below .


Download Here -

Windows 10 ISO Direct Links

So you are looking to download Windows 10 into your computer without having to download Microsoft ISO Creator Tools , Then you are in luck as we have found a way to download Windows 10 directly from Microsoft using Mozilla Firefox browser :)So how is this possible, Well Microsoft has decided to create a page just for users to get access to Windows 10 ISO file without the need to use their Media ISO Creator tools, However , it seem the page is available to users who have Windows XP and Windows Vista installed on their Computer , But this little nice trick will give you access to that ISO page that is hidden from Windows 7 and Windows 8 users, even Windows 10 users who want to download a copy of their Windows 10 ISO for recovery or reinstallation .

Instruction for Windows 10 Direct Links

If you’re in Windows 7 or 8.1 or 10

1.) Right click on the Firefox browser shortcut.

Right Click Firfefox Thirty5tech

2.) Select Properties > Compatibility > ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for’, and choose ‘Windows XP (Service Pack 2)’ from the drop down and Click ‘OK’.

Firefox Compatibility Mode XP

3.) Visit in the browser, it now opens without redirecting.

4.) Select Windows edition, in general, you should be choosing ‘Windows 10’, click on ‘Confirm’ button after that, next select the language as ‘English’ and confirm again.

5.) Now 32-bit version and 64-bit version download links appear for Windows 10, begin the download, it will be picked up by third-party download manager like IDM if you’ve integrated into the browser.


These links are valid for 24-hours only from the creation time, so ensure you get the job done during that time period.

After downloading the ISO files, uncheck compatibility mode for Firefox browser.

Windows Boot Disks

IF you are having a hard time Starting Up Windows , Then most likely, The system file has been corrupted and has to be repair . For the repair you will need a Windows Recovery Disk sometimes known as Windows Boot Disks . You could find a Windows Boot Disks for your Operating System below . Download the one that pertains to your Operating System .





Windows 8 (64 Bit) boot CD Windows 7 (64 Bit) boot CD Windows Vista (64 Bit) boot CD
Windows 8 (32 Bit) boot CD Windows 7 (32 Bit) boot CD Windows Vista (32 Bit) boot CD




Windows XP Home

Windows XP Professional Boot Disk

Windows 2000 Pro Boot Disks

Windows XP Home SP1a Boot Disk Windows XP Pro SP1a Boot Disk
Windows XP Home SP2 Boot Disk Windows XP Pro SP2 Boot Disk





Windows ME Boot Disk

Custom external USB Boot Disk

Windows NT Workstation Boot Disks

Windows 98 SE Boot Disk MSDOS 6.22 Boot Disk

Windows NT Server Boot Disk

Windows 98 Boot Disk Packard Bell Recovery Disk (CD)
Windows 95 2.0 Boot Disk
Windows 95 1.1 Boot Disk

Windows 7 Service Pack 1

Windows 7 Service Pack 1

If you are running Windows 7 , Make sure you have the latest update install by updating your Windows 7 to service pack 1 . This Windows 7 SP1 will offer updated needed files for your Windows 7 Operating System . Feel free to read below for a bit more information about this Windows Service Pack .

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) is an important update that includes previously released security, performance, and stability updates for Windows 7. SP1 also includes new improvements to features and services in Windows 7, such as improved reliability when connecting to HDMI audio devices, printing using the XPS Viewer, and restoring previous folders in Windows Explorer after restarting.

File nameSize
7601.17514.101119-1850_Update_Sp_Wave1-GRMSP1.1_DVD.iso1.9 GBDownload
Windows_Win7SP1.7601.17514.101119-1850.AMD64CHK.Symbols.msi262.7 MBDownload
Windows_Win7SP1.7601.17514.101119-1850.AMD64FRE.Symbols.msi287.8 MBDownload
Windows_Win7SP1.7601.17514.101119-1850.IA64CHK.Symbols.msi241.8 MBDownload
Windows_Win7SP1.7601.17514.101119-1850.IA64FRE.Symbols.msi193.4 MBDownload
Windows_Win7SP1.7601.17514.101119-1850.X86CHK.Symbols.msi294.5 MBDownload
Windows_Win7SP1.7601.17514.101119-1850.X86FRE.Symbols.msi330.6 MBDownload
windows6.1-KB976932-IA64.exe511.6 MBDownload
windows6.1-KB976932-X64.exe903.2 MBDownload
windows6.1-KB976932-X86.exe537.8 MBDownload

DVD Play Back Issue

DVD Play Back Issue

Are you having a hard time playing your favorite DVD on your Desktop and or Laptop , Cannot play any DVD movies at all or are receiving a error similar to what is below .

DVD Play Back Issue

Then most likely you do not have a Windows DVD Decoder to play DVD Movies on your Windows Media Player . Below you will find a few ways to fix the issue and hopefully get you back into watching your favorite DVD movies on your Windows Media Player .

First Make sure you have a DVD Player install on your Computer . One way to check is to look at the front DVD Drive tray cover which usually will have a DVD Logo on it . Look at the picture below for reference .

DVD Play Back Issue

If you do have a DVD Logo on your DVD Drive, Then you are missing a DVD Decoder to play your DVD Movies . The following download links below will let you download a few DVD Decoders for your DVD Player so you could watch your favorite DVD on your Windows Media Player . Feel free to install all package to get the DVD Player to work with your DVD Movies .

Download DVD Decoder for Windows Here – Download Here

This should be able to let you play your DVD Movies on your Windows Media Player . If for some reason you are not able to play your DVD’s on your Windows Media Player, Then you could download a Video Player known as VLC Media Player which will allowed you to play lots of different Video Format on their own Video Player . Feel free to download VLC Media Player From Here – Download Here