Windows 10 Anniversary Update Camera Fix

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Camera Fix
Have you updated your Windows 10 laptop and or desktop and camera no longer functioning correctly ? Then no need to worried, we have found a small fix you could apply to your registry to get your Web Cam working again . This Windows 10 Anniversary Update which was release earlier this week has cause most Camera not to function properly . According to sources online . Most camera on Laptop and Desktop are effected by this update. Microsoft currently working on an Update to address the issue. Please make sure to update your Windows constantly to make sure you get he updated needed to fix this Web Came issue . Below you will find a temp work around on how to get your camera working again .

Below you will find instruction for this Windows 10 Anniversity Update Camera Fix

Open your Registry by Clicking on the Start Menu and then typing in the Search box Regedit

When the Registry Windows Open

Go to the Following

Click on the Plus sign + HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE


Click on the Plus sign + SOFTWARE


Click on the Plus sign + WOW6432Node


Click on the Plus sign + Microsoft


Click on the Plus sign + Windows Media Foundation


Click on Platform

then look to the right hand side of the registry windows

Then Right Click on an empty side , click on New Menu the click on add DWORD

Rename the new DWORD to EnableFrameServerMode

and then set vale to 0.


HKLMSOFTWAREWOW6432NodeMicrosoftWindows Media FoundationPlatform, add DWORD "EnableFrameServerMode" and set to 0.

Windows 10 build 14267 Booting/Startup Fix

Windows 10 build 14267 Booting/Startup Fix

information about Windows 10 build 14267 Booting Startup Fix

If you are using the latest Windows 10 build 14267 that was release on Feb 16 , You might be lucky if you have not encounter the startup issue windows have to load into the desktop , Below its just a simple workaround to bypass the Windows 10 build 14267 booting or startup you might have . Hopefully Microsoft will release a fix soon . This process will slow your windows startup time, but atleast you be able to log into windows hopefully without having to reinstall Windows 10 again . Follow instruction below for this Windows 10 build 14267 Startup Booting fix .

Steps Below

Step (1) Right-click Start, and select Power Options in the menu.
Step (2) Click the Require a password on wake-up link on the left.
Step (3) Click the Change settings that are currently unavailable link.
Step (4) Uncheck Turn on fast start-up (recommended).
Step (5) Click the Save changes button.
Step (6) Shutdown your PC, then start it again and login.

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Fix Windows 10 Error Code 0x80300024

Fix Windows 10 Error Code 0x80300024 with the instruction provided below , This Windows 10 Installation Error Code 0x80300024 - 80300024 in an old Windows Error code dating back to Windows 7 , So this is nothing new to Windows 10 . Below you will find a bit more information about this error code and how to go about fixing it .Usually there are 2 reason why this error will occur during Windows installation or Upgrade, Most common issue due to having more then one hard drive installed or other windows system file partitions ,Most common fix is to disconnect one hard drive if more then 2 physical hard drive are connected to your PC , The other will be to delete other partition not being used , accept of course the recovery partition which is best to leave alone .This are few Techs and Users comments about how to fix the issue .""I usually disconnect all drives except the one I’m going to install the OS on and run diskpart to wipe. I didn’t this time because I was too lazy and didn’t feel like spending the time to disconnect my second SSD. I got the error 0x80300024 during install. I Googled it and apparently this error has been happening for years. The fix? Disconnect all other drives and attempt the install again. That’s it!""""Use a dvd or thumb drive that was burned from the iso file--not just copied. Boot to the dvd or thumb drive and select Custom install which should allow you to choose the correct drive. I would select the sata drive instead of the ssd drives. I would even remove the second ssd drive and just use the WD drive as the second drive.Are all the drive working and recognized by windows? The sata drivers should be available from HP. Use the windows 8 sata drivers.""

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