Official Windows 7 Games on Window 10

Install Windows 7 Games into Windows 10

Install the Official Windows 7 Games on your Windows 10 OS

Do you miss those lovely small official Windows games that came install in previous Windows ? Are you missing those built in Classic Windows game ? then you are in luck as we have found an installer that will bring all those favorite Windows 7 built in games for Windows 10 . Now you could play Chess, Free Cell , Hearts , Solitaire and such much more . Feel free to download the installer below from our download section , The instruction is pretty easy , just double click on the Win7GamesForWin10-Setup.exe file you have downloaded from our website to start the installation .

Product Info

Installer Manufactured by: Setup Model: 1.00 Product ID: 0010 4.6 based on 58468 reviews 0.00New

Download Windows 7 Game to Windows 10 Installer

Feel free to download Windows 7 Game to Windows 10 Installer from our download section which could be found below .


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