How to Enable Windows 10 Hidden Dark Theme

Are you a Windows users who love to play with customization on Windows theme, Then you are in luck as we have found a tutrial on How to Enable Windows 10 Hidden Dark Theme for your Windows OS running on Desktop , Laptops and Tablets , This is an awesome looking theme and I think ya guys will agreed, Feel free to read a bit more below as well follow the source for more information about this awesome dark theme for Windows 10 OS .


Microsoft may eventually add a toggle to the Settings app that switches between a system-wide light theme and dark theme. This is the way it works on Windows Phone. For now, you can still enable a system-wide dark theme — it just requires editing the registry. This will enable the dark theme for quite a few universal apps, but not all of them.


You can do this manually with the instructions below, or download our Enable Dark Theme on Windows 10 registry hack. Just double-click the included .reg file to enable the dark theme, and double-click the other included .reg file to re-enable the light theme.

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