Microsoft JavaScript Browser

Microsoft JavaScript Browser is the latest browser to be made available only to Windows 10 users , If you are running the latest Windows 10 OS, Then you be happy to know that Microsoft latest browser application based on JavaScript and HTML is now available in their Microsoft Store for download . Feel free to read bit more about Microsoft JavaScript Browser below as well follow the source for a bit more information about this latest browser .


The interface looks similar to modern browsers. What you may notice immediately is that it does not support tabs. This means that you can only display a single web page or service in it at all time.

When you play around with the browser for a bit, you will notice that other components are missing. For instance, while settings are available, they are limited to going full screen and clearing the cache and favorites.

Other missing features include extensions, web permissions, Developer tools or on-page search.

The browser uses EdgeHTML, the Microsoft Edge rendering engine, via the WebView control that Windows 10 apps can utilize.

Source of Information and Download

Thanks for reading this article about Microsoft JavaScript Browser , Below you will find the source of this information as well a download link if you like to give the JavaScript Browser a test drive, Remember only compatible with Windows 10 OS.

Download Microsoft JavaScript Browser here :

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