Miniduke Backdoor Virus

Miniduke Backdoor Virus Information

Well it seem the Ransomware Hackers known as Miniduke are back again with a new damaging virus known as Miniduke Backdoor Virus which is a Cryptolocker type of virus that locks computer users of their important documents , pictures, video and other type of files on their Windows PC , in order for users to gain access to those personal file, They need to pay the hackers a ransom in order for them to received a special code which they enter to unlock their Computer Files that has been infected with the Miniduke Backdoor Virus which is usually infect computers via email attachment using some of Adobe products vulnerability which has not been patch yet .

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"A unbreakable computer virus on the block called the Cryptolocker has got a large number of Australians shelling out thousands of dollars to retrieve important files from the overseas hackers. The virus hijacks compute files after entering the system and demands a ransom from the owners in exchange for the hijacked files.

The “ransomware,” as it is being termed, enters the system through apparently harmless emails and other programs, and usurps the files including photos that are stored in the computer. An increasing number of Australians are falling victim to the foul program, which is “unbreakable” till now. ABC news reported that the Cryptolocker comes in a number of versions and has been capitalising on the release of the latest Windows 10. It can infect the computer by arriving in the form of an email containing a zip file for installing the operating system."

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