The Creation of the Computer – Modern Marvels

Thanks for visiting Thirty5tech NYC Computer Repair video section , here in this video known as The Creation of the Computer - Modern Marvels release by the History Channel will give you an inside view on how computers were created back then when this programming was done back in 1996 , Even though this video is old, the information in this short documentary will talk about the creating of personal computers from the 90's , 80s , 70s, . Feel free to enjoy this video for your viewing . This video is about a good 30 minutes ,

Video Information

Modern Marvels® presents a fascinating exploration into the history of the computer. See Charles Babbage's Victorian "counting machine," a mechanical computer that produced perfect results for any mathematical problem of six figures or less, and discover how IBM was launched through a punch-card counting machine built to accelerate the 1890 census. Trace the technological advancements that led to the first modern computers and witness the rapid progress that allowed them to shrink from room-sized monsters to the desktop units that revolutionized life in the '90s.

Year Produce: 1996
Lengh: 48:07