FBI Virus and DOJ Virus Removal Service NYC

FBI Virus and Department Of Justice Virus Removal Service
FBI Virus and DOJ Virus Removal Service NYC , FBI Virus Running around also known as Ransomware which scam people into thinking that their computer has been locked by the FBI or other Government Agency . This type of scam is not new as it has been out for a few years . However, It seem that it has become popular now a days that the scammer has now have been asking for more money . When the FBI Virus scam was first started infecting computer all over the world , They ask for 100 USD Money Order to unlock your Computer, Then prices then has went up to 200 and now 300 USD.

These types of the virus are all the same, However, The way they infect the computer are different . So Virus scammer will detect them while other won’t . Some you are able to remove manually via safe-mode while other you can’t . The best way to avoid this type of Ransomware and or virus is to have a good security software installed such as an Antivirus and Spyware Removal . having a good security software installed will help you protect your computer of 90% of the Virus out there in the loose infecting other computers. One way to help protect yourself from Virus and or Spyware like this ransomware type of virus is to have a pretty good antivirus and or spyware security software installed . Not all Antivirus and or Spyware program work or protect you the same , So make sure to get a good antivirus for your computer . If you need help finding some pretty good software for free ,Then feel free to visit our download section here http://thirty5tech.com/downloads/ .

So if you infected with a FBI Virus & Department Of Justice Virus . Then no need to worried . Thirty5tech NYC Computer Repair is here to help you remove that Fake FBI Virus & Department Of Justice Virus as well as any other Virus and Spyware that may prevent you from using your Computer . Virus are known to lock you out of your computer, Slow your computer down and or keep you from accessing the internet . IF you have any Virus issue, Then feel free to contact us for us to help you remove and rid your computer of Virus .

Below you will find a few videos about FBI Virus and DOJ Virus which was air in News Channel from around the States .

FBI Ransomware Virus Hitting the U.S

‘Ransomware’ virus locks computer, demands money

CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello discussing the FBI logo virus


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OnSite Computer Repair
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