Thirty5Tech NYC Computer Repair Android APK

Thirty5Tech NYC PC Repair Android APP

Thirty5Tech NYC Computer Repair Android APP is now available for download via our website or Google Play store . Thirty5Tech have decided to create a pretty simple Android apk to link our clients to our website or call us all within our application . So if your computer is offline and not able to find us online, Use our fast Thirty5Tech NYC Computer Repair Android APP android app to connect to us 24/7 for our Computer Repair service as well for our Remote Desktop Support. Below is a description for our app in Google Play Store.

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Thirty5Tech NYC Computer Repair has been offering affordable flat rate computer repair in NYC since late 2001 . We Service all type of desktop and laptop regardless what Windows Operating System is running . We also offer affordable flat rate Remote Desktop Support for those computer users who are not local.

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Thirty5Tech NYC Computer Repair and Remote Desktop Support


Download Thirty5Tech NYC Computer Repair | Android Application .apk

Below you will be able to download our Thirty5Tech NYC Computer Repair Android .APK to your phone . You may download it from 2 location , From our friends over at Google Play store our from our website . Our application are optimize to run in any Android phone , Android Tablet , Android TV as well Android Watches . If there is any problem with our application or are in need of support, Feel free to use the contact information on our application to send us a message or feedback about our App or services .

Scams Allows Caller to Have Access to Victim’s PC

Scams Allows Caller to Have Access to Victim's PC via remote desktop , this new threat is nothing new, It's actually pretty old trick which was first introduce via fake tech support email, which warn victims that their computer are infected with some type of virus or spyware and need to download some program to fix/correct the problem, which is actually a remote desktop software that give scammers complete access to your computer . Feel free to read the article below for more information about this scam .

"According to the BBB, in this tech support scan, often referred to as the Windows or Microsoft scam, the person calling says your computer has a serious virus or other problem that needs to be fixed immediately and directs the person to download a program that gives the caller remote access to log in to the computer.

The BBB said if the victim follows the caller’s instructions, a stranger will be given access to all data on your computer including pictures, passwords, documents, email and other information. This puts the victim at risk for identity theft. These callers do not work for a tech company.

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