Windows 10 Security Update Build 10512

It seem Microsoft has release Windows 10 Security Update Build 10512 for Desktops , Laptops , Phone and Tablets . More information is provided below , Feel free to continue reading from the source for complete story and information about Windows 10 Security Update Build 10512 and what features and fixes might be included in this build released .

Redmond delivered the usual wealth of Windows 10 updates, as well as news on Windows 10 Mobile, critical Windows security fixes, and Cortana for Android. Windows 10 updates also came from Bank of America, which is looking towards an early adoption.

InformationWeek sat down with Bank of America CTO David Reilly to discuss his plans for Windows 10, his greatest security concerns, and the evolving relationship between business and IT. Reilly expressed enthusiasm for Windows 10 and is leaning toward an early upgrade for the bank.

"We're looking to adopt as early as we can," he said. Half of the bank's leadership team is already running the new OS, and Reilly is hoping a build can be created for Bank of America's environment by November.

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