The Computer Chronicles – Computer Viruses

Thirty5Tech NYC Computer Repair brings you a pretty cool and interesting video about Computer Virus from back in the late 1980's , This video will talk about the threat of virus especially those that were release in the early and late 80's , Feel free to watch this video below free of charge, This video is about 29 minutes long . So enjoy this programing brought to you by Computer Chronicle .

Video Information

The Computer Chronicles - Computer Virus from 1989. Some viruses discussed include the Morris Worm, Jerusalem, and a few Macintosh viruses, like Scores. Also examined are a number of antivirus products from the time, and their effectiveness as well as their approaches towards stopping the growing virus menace. They also test a DOS virus on camera. It’s like looking at my channel 20 years ago. I figured some of you might enjoy looking back at the history of the antivirus industry, as well as thoughts and opinions from affected users when viruses were still a brand new threat.

Year Produce: 1989
Lengh: 29:19

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