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Windows 10 Anniversary Update Camera Fix

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Camera Fix
Have you updated your Windows 10 laptop and or desktop and camera no longer functioning correctly ? Then no need to worried, we have found a small fix you could apply to your registry to get your Web Cam working again . This Windows 10 Anniversary Update which was release earlier this week has cause most Camera not to function properly . According to sources online . Most camera on Laptop and Desktop are effected by this update. Microsoft currently working on an Update to address the issue. Please make sure to update your Windows constantly to make sure you get he updated needed to fix this Web Came issue . Below you will find a temp work around on how to get your camera working again .

Below you will find instruction for this Windows 10 Anniversity Update Camera Fix

Open your Registry by Clicking on the Start Menu and then typing in the Search box Regedit

When the Registry Windows Open

Go to the Following

Click on the Plus sign + HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE


Click on the Plus sign + SOFTWARE


Click on the Plus sign + WOW6432Node


Click on the Plus sign + Microsoft


Click on the Plus sign + Windows Media Foundation


Click on Platform

then look to the right hand side of the registry windows

Then Right Click on an empty side , click on New Menu the click on add DWORD

Rename the new DWORD to EnableFrameServerMode

and then set vale to 0.


HKLMSOFTWAREWOW6432NodeMicrosoftWindows Media FoundationPlatform, add DWORD "EnableFrameServerMode" and set to 0.