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Windows 10 build 14267 Booting/Startup Fix

Windows 10 build 14267 Booting/Startup Fix

information about Windows 10 build 14267 Booting Startup Fix

If you are using the latest Windows 10 build 14267 that was release on Feb 16 , You might be lucky if you have not encounter the startup issue windows have to load into the desktop , Below its just a simple workaround to bypass the Windows 10 build 14267 booting or startup you might have . Hopefully Microsoft will release a fix soon . This process will slow your windows startup time, but atleast you be able to log into windows hopefully without having to reinstall Windows 10 again . Follow instruction below for this Windows 10 build 14267 Startup Booting fix .

Steps Below

Step (1) Right-click Start, and select Power Options in the menu.
Step (2) Click the Require a password on wake-up link on the left.
Step (3) Click the Change settings that are currently unavailable link.
Step (4) Uncheck Turn on fast start-up (recommended).
Step (5) Click the Save changes button.
Step (6) Shutdown your PC, then start it again and login.

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