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Windows 11’s taskbar is getting another nifty feature

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Windows 11 already has a built-in privacy dashboard that lets you see where sensitive hardware is being used. You can go to Settings > Privacy and find out what apps have accessed your location or viewed you through the webcam. At the same time, Windows 11’s taskbar can show you what apps are actively accessing the hardware features.

For example, if Microsoft Edge is using your location, you could see the activity directly on the information area of the taskbar. Microsoft is now updating this feature with another useful addition – the VPN indicator.

As you can see in the below screenshot, Microsoft is testing a ‘VPN indicator’ i.e a shield overlay for the network icon on the taskbar. This new shield icon indicates that you’re connected to a VPN and it is being actively used on the system. However, it won’t tell you exactly how the VPN is being used.

Windows 11 VPN indicator

It also respects the accent colour and it goes well with Windows 11’s design. However, there’s a catch – it works only when you connect to a VPN from the system’s built-in Network & Internet > VPN tab. Or when you’re connected to the private network via the quick setting.

At the moment, it does not work with Wi-Fi, but Windows 11’s VPN indicator is still in development and it will eventually get better.

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